Friday, September 4, 2009

For the past 3 years I have fallen in love with photography. Now, don't get me wrong....I have always LOVED pictures. All through high school and college I carried a camera with me everywhere that I went. My friends even used to give me a hard time for spending many of my saturdays going to scrapbooking events. "Danielle, you're such a grandma" they would tell me, but I had no shame. In the past 3 years, however, I have fallen in love with the ART of photography. I love what pictures capture. I love how they draw you in. I love the beauty that they display. I love how a simple everyday object can be made beautiful just in the way that it is captured in a photo. As I have fallen in love with photography, I have desired to learn how to do photography well. For a long time I dreamed of one day owning a nice camera and really learning how to use it, but seeing that I'm a poor grad student, the prospect of making an investment like that is not in my fore-seeable future. Being kind of bummed about that, I was inspired last week by a classmate who has a photography business. When I asked her how she got started, she said that she just started taking one picture a day. She didn't start out with fancy equipment or special photography classes. She just took pictures one day at time. And so that's what we are going to start doing....taking one picture a day for a year. I am excited for the challenge. I am excited to look at the simple things around me and challenge myself to see beauty. I am excited to challenge myself creatively and to learn photography one picture at a time. Thanks for journeying along with us!


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  1. i love your jewelry and whats the first one of? its really interesting. i'm excited to see more.